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Our purpose is to help families

We are a Mi’kmaw agency that offers child welfare services to children and families in our community. Our services are guided by our culture and traditions with the goal of making sure our Mi’kmaw families and children are supported in a way that heals and strengthens family ties. Our families are strongest and safest when they are together and supported by their community. With a passionate and experienced staff, a commitment to building safe and trusted relationships, and the guidance of our Mi’kmaw culture and teachings, we are reclaiming our right to decide how we provide family and children’s services to our communities.

Philosophy & Approach 

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At Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services of Nova Scotia (MFCS), we put the needs of children first by caring for them in a safe and nurturing way that is true to our history and traditions. We build safe and trusting relationships, by providing the best possible services we can and protecting the identities of those who need our help. Caring for children and families means caring for our communities.

We take a prevention-based approach, establishing safe spaces for families and children to heal and grow together. Using a customized approach to program and service delivery, we create trust between children, families, and community members, involve children and their families in the decisions that affect them, and respect the roles of new and traditional members in our communities to foster healing, stability and trust. Only together can we walk hand in hand to continue strengthening our communities.

Philosophy & Approach

Our Story 

Founded in 1985, MFCS has spent the last 37 years evolving into the agency it is today. Since our creation, we have maintained an ever-present connection to Mi’kmaw families and communities, and have kept focused on gaining independence and self-governance. We are already well on our way, and we will continue this process to make sure our children, families and communities are supported.

It is with thanks to our Mi’kmaw communities and partners that we are working together to change the Children and Family Services Act to reflect the values and culture of the Mi’kmaq Nation. 

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Our History

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Get to know our team.

Throughout our journey, we have been guided by incredibly talented people dedicated to protecting Mi’kmaw families and children and identifying their needs. We honour them and their commitment to meeting the needs of the families we serve.

Meet our Team

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